Relax Melodies P: sleep sounds, white noise & fan App Reviews

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Used this app for a few years now and it just keeps getting better!


I highly recommend

Blissful Relaxing Sounds

I normally do not buy apps for my phone but this app is the anomaly. When times are stressful and you need to escape but physically cant, this app can accommodate. You have a ton of chooses and customization options are plentiful. This way you can recharge or zen out to your sounds.

Versatile and helpful

Love this app, used it to get to sleep while jet lagged, put the baby to bed while the toddler is running around, and at work when colleagues are talking noisily. Wish it wasnt micro transaction based but you do get a lot for your initial purchase.

Cant sleep without it.

Used it for my newborn when he slept in our room. Hes had his own room for months now but have never stopped using it for me. Guess I got a little addicted! Plus, here in California its nice to remember what rain sounds like sometimes...:(

Pretty good

Love the variety of sounds available. Not a big fan of the guided meditations (cheesy as heck).

Love the options!!!

I got the lite version first and I loved it!!! I use it for me and my kids. I wanted to be able to run other apps while this ran in the background so I upgraded. $3 for the app is better then $20 and up for a white noise device that plugs into the wall.


This app not only helps me sleep at night, but inspires ideas for my writing in the day. I highly recommend it.


Very helpful and effective

Best app to drown out snoring

Has many many choices. I like the brown noise for sleeping. For people like myself - the slight variation in sounds to choose from makes a big difference for sleeping. Love the timer.

Great sleep!!

I have used this app every night for 6 months!

Great white noise!

Love this app!

Love it!!!

Use this app every night

Helps me sleep in a busy hospital

I listen to this app when I am on call and trying to sleep in a busy hospital. The meditations are very relaxing, and the sounds are very realistic although slightly repetitive.

Great sleep app

Cant go to bed without it!

Relax m. p. = right as rain

Truly relaxing and comforting. Have had this app for years and recommend it to all.

Really Relaxing :)

I enjoy listening to the sounds and music that comes from this app. Perfect for any occasion and mood.


Good mix of sounds.

Love it!

Ive been using Relax Melodies for years for soothing sounds to fall asleep to. I love the selection and I love that you can create your own combination of sounds. My daughter and I both have our favourites.

Perfect sound app

I almost depend on this app and. I use it several times throughout the day.

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